Postcard Club

Another cool self initiated project.

Do Not Open - Home

Another good example of a self initiated project!


Carte Postale

Project One // Experimental/Test animation using things from my collection plus hand rendered images.

Daniel Eatock is a great person to look at for this first project. He’s not only a designer that’s created the changing logo for the UK’s Big Brother show every season, he also creates a project out of everything and records them.

Student Tumblrs!

Hey folks. Here’s a list of your peers’ tumblrs for you to check out as the class progresses. Thanks for getting these up!

Cheree Andringa

Sarah Franks

Alan Hernandez-Aguila

Charlie Kohlmeier

Rebekah Lee /


Kit MacAllister

Sarah Seitz

Cody Sprague

Zaneta Taylor /

Landon Tuff

Corey Van Hoosen


Masterworks for One and All

Museums, long reluctant to post good-quality images of their artworks online, are rethinking that strategy as innovators like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam make a range of copying and clipping services available.