May 08

May 07

Postcard Club -

Another cool self initiated project.

Apr 29

Do Not Open - Home -

Another good example of a self initiated project!

Apr 22


Apr 04

Sturgill’s class Tumblrs

Here’s links to your fellow student’s class tumblrs.

Andrea Kerr
Amy Summers
Blake Caudle
Tabitha Grow
Cassandra Frances
Cynthia Sullivan
Jessie Woodcock
Nicole Worthington
Chloe Fields
Brendan Mulligan

…this will be updated soon with the rest.

Mar 28


Oct 03

Student Tumblrs!

Hey folks. Here’s a list of your peers’ tumblrs for you to check out as the class progresses. Thanks for getting these up!

Cheree Andringa

Sarah Franks

Alan Hernandez-Aguila

Charlie Kohlmeier

Rebekah Lee /


Kit MacAllister

Sarah Seitz

Cody Sprague

Zaneta Taylor /

Landon Tuff

Corey Van Hoosen


May 29 -

Masterworks for One and All -

Museums, long reluctant to post good-quality images of their artworks online, are rethinking that strategy as innovators like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam make a range of copying and clipping services available.

May 20

Charmed life in contemporary London - Wellcome Collection -

Interesting collection of good luck charms.